Play Blackjack Online For Free or Real Money

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games available at online casinos and although there are many different varieties, the basic rules and principles remain the same with each different version. This section explains the rules in brief and how players can implement basic blackjack strategy into their game plan.

This is one of the most exciting cards game around the world, which has a long and colourful history and has been a favourite game among players since it was first introduced into casinos. Many software companies have developed the game for the virtual world with most of them keeping the game the same, but some providers have added their own unique twist to the game. The rules are simple and players will find that this is one of the more fast-paced casino card games available. Table limits can be set before you launch a game, meaning that the betting limits can be altered to better suit the budget that you are playing with. When a player enters an online blackjack table, they can often choose to play either single hand or multihand. Multihand tables usually allow the player to play up to five hands at the same time, instead of just one hand.

In this game you will be playing against the house. The idea is to beat the dealer (the house) by your cards adding up to 21 (or as close to 21 as possible) and by being closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards. If your cards total higher than 21, then you lose, which is called going Bust. You will be dealt two cards and so will the dealer and one of his cards will be face up, the other is dealt face down. Each card is worth its face value but an Ace is worth a 1 or 11. Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 10. After you are dealt your first two cards, you then have the option to take another card (Hit). You could also choose to take no more cards (Stand), which lets the dealer decide his next move. If you are dealt an Ace and a 10, you total is 21 and you will have achieved blackjack. A natural blackjack is with a black jack and an Ace. If the dealer happens to end up with the same total (with similar cards), the game is tied and you will receive your stake back. This is known as a Push and is quite common. Online casinos are full of tips and hints and as soon as you have entered a particular blackjack game, you can view the table odds. This is certainly not a difficult game to play and can be quite addictive.

For the more dedicated player, learning basic strategy would be a good idea. This is a simple mathematical solution and will give you more of an edge over the house if you stick to it. This basically involves knowing when to stand and when to take another card, depending on what you have in your hand and what the dealer is showing.